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Fits to: Triumph Street Twin

1,032 kr Vat Incl.

Il portatarga reclinabile e' realizzato in alluminio anodizzato nero + snodo in acciaio che ne garantisce la robustezza alle vibrazioni . Il kit e' specifico per la moto ed e' comprensivo di staffa di fissaggio e di bulloneria . Il montaggio non prevede modifiche alle parti originali. Non sono compatibili frecce e luce targa originali.
N.B. Luce targa e frecce sono da acquistare separatamente dal portatarga.

Respect for the CODE of ROAD and current REGULATORY If BARRACUDA LICENCE PLATE are correctly fixed (see specifications below) comply with existing regulations of the Highway Code

Our LICENCE PLATE are NOT E-marked because is NOT possible to approve the LICENCE PLATE kit with specific approval certificate (this limit relates BARRACUDA but also all companies on the market)

PROPER INSTALLATION for the terms of the law is necessary:

  • - Adjust the ANGLE to a maximum of 30 °
  • - TIGHTEN well the hub so that we can not change the incline during the march voluntarily or even casually
  • - Install the PLATE LIGHT APPROVED Led BARRACUDA - Complete the installation with the REFLECTOR KIT
  • - Ensure maximum visibility from the rear view BARRACUDA LICENCES PLATE are developed with fine materials as aluminum and INOX steel to ensure the lightness and strenght at the same time.

In the kit licence plate there is a STELL INOX junction to get the licence plate inclination and to ensure strenght and movement (exclusive BARRACUDA's technique)
Each kit is studied tobe specific for the motorbike giving a complete mounting kit with all necessary.
All BARRACUDA LICENCE PLATE KIT are related with mounting instruction and fixing kit and they DON'T NEED modifications to the original parts.
During the installation it is important adjust the inclination of licence plate to the limit of 30° established by law and then fix and block the junction.
For a GENERAL ASSEMBLY rules it necessary to buy also LED LIGHT and REFLECTOR KIT.
For any further information or technical requirements, we please you to ask to our TECHNICAL OFFICE sendind a mail to:

1,032 kr Vat Incl.
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From: 774 kr Vat Incl.

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